About Feingold Photography, Inc

Dr. Allan Feingold is a renowned lung specialist. His main photographic tool is a Nikon microscope through which he has taken thousands of photomicrographs for clinical and forensic endeavors (photographs taken through the microscope, typically at x200 to x1000). In addition, for more than 3 decades Dr. Feingold has taken beautiful photographs of the natural world including tropical plants and landscapes using film and digital Nikon cameras. Given his scientific and forensic background, it is understandable that Dr. Feingold's style is typically "hyper-realistic", including HDR and macro (close up) photography.
Dr. Feingold believes photographs of the natural world should be big, bright, sharp, and extremely colorful. Dr. Feingold has successfully captured an array of beautiful images which feature all of the above descriptions. Such images, boldly enlarged, would make beautiful additions to your home, office, dorm room or apartment. Dr. Feingold's luminescent images are offered on water-proof metal, acrylic prints, archival canvas, and Kodak Edura metallic paper. Dr. Feingold enjoys photographing the Florida Keys, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens, and beautiful tropical flowers and plants in Miami, Florida. Dr. Feingold's portfolio offers images from all over the world including: South of France, Paris, the country side of Canada, New York City, Florida, the Rocky Mountains, California, and Tokyo.